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The beloved Public Broadcasting Service (PBS) has been providing educational and informative programming for many years for youth and adults, and now there is a creative site and app just for kids to explore the great shows that they see every day. Full episodes of Arthur, Dora the Explorer, and the amazing, Sesame Street, can be viewed through the site and app on a host of mobile devices.

The shows and games cater to children of all ages, and knowing that your child is watching educational programming is a breath of fresh air for parents. Kids can get into viewing not suitable for children with Youtube (and Youtube Kids is sometimes a little too exploratory), but PBS Kids is an extremely controlled site and app that is entertaining, educational and a great help on a long car ride!

~Ms. N. Powell


Helpful Websites for Writers

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Writig is an interesting art that allows individuals to share their thoughts on paper. If you’ve ever written an essay or even a journal entry, you know that sometimes your thoughts run faster than your pen, resulting in grammatical errors, words being left out of the sentences, and the list goes on and on.

If you’ve ever experienced this, have no fear; HELP IS HERE!
Here at Read to the World, we love Grammarly and Grammar Girl.Grammarly website logo and bannerGrammarly is an amazing app and system that you can download to your PC or Apple device and instantly check your grammar. It highlights errors and explains how to correct them. There is a free option and a paid option for users who want more information.

Quick and Dirty Tips website banner

Grammar Girl is a unique website that answers all of your grammar questions and actually talks to you! Yes, you read correctly. There is an option to have the explanations read to you.n

Both of these websites offer users a better understanding of the sometimes complex world or grammar and writing. For more information, visit and (Grammar Girl).


3 Ways to Get Kids to Read

Many parents who love to read and others who understand the importance of reading have concerns with ways to convey their feelings to their children. It’s necessary to study your child to determine the reason for his or her aversion to reading. A mother reading to her son and daughter.The following questions will help you gain a clearer view of the true issue.

  • Is there a gap in understanding or comprehension?
  • Does he or she have trouble with pronouncing words and get discouraged?
  • Is he or she not motivated because of an overwhelming use of electronic devices?

Be sure that you don’t automatically go to the thought that your child is just lazy. This could be the case, but in many instances, there is a deeper issue. Once you identify why your child is not motivated to read, address that particular concern directly and add these tools to your improvement strategy.

  • Initiate a family reading time. Children learn from their parents’ examples. What better way to teach than by leading. Carve a certain amount of time each day or week and read to your child or with your child, where each person has his or her own book.
  • Create a reading challenge. Set up a challenge for your child to read a certain amount of books per week or month, and reward him or her with a dinner at his or her favorite restaurant, a new toy, or something that would really make your child smile.
  • Get your child his or her own library card. This will create a priceless smile that fosters a sense of independence, growth, and responsibility. Make regular visits to the library so your child can proudly display and use the new library card.

Motivation comes in a variety of forms, and what works for one child may not work for another. Try all of the tools above to improve your child’s reading, and stick with what works for you.

~Dr. Wayne T. Holmes


WEBSITE Quick Review: English For Everyone


This is an awesome High School students in a for learners of all ages, from the preschool student to the high school student or adult learner! It has a variety of FREE lessons and handouts for parents or teachers to print and share with students. One of the components that we love here at Read to the World is that the site combines reading and writing skills! Oftentimes, people who struggle with one area have a similar concern in the other. Other topics include: reading comprehension, phonics, verb tenses, and much more for grades 1 – 12.

With this site, there’s no need to go from one source to the next: the information is all in one convenient location.

Check it out for yourself, and you’ll be very glad you did!

~Dr. Wayne T. Holmes


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