Helpful Websites for Writers

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Writig is an interesting art that allows individuals to share their thoughts on paper. If you’ve ever written an essay or even a journal entry, you know that sometimes your thoughts run faster than your pen, resulting in grammatical errors, words being left out of the sentences, and the list goes on and on.

If you’ve ever experienced this, have no fear; HELP IS HERE!
Here at Read to the World, we love Grammarly and Grammar Girl.Grammarly website logo and bannerGrammarly is an amazing app and system that you can download to your PC or Apple device and instantly check your grammar. It highlights errors and explains how to correct them. There is a free option and a paid option for users who want more information.

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Grammar Girl is a unique website that answers all of your grammar questions and actually talks to you! Yes, you read correctly. There is an option to have the explanations read to you.n

Both of these websites offer users a better understanding of the sometimes complex world or grammar and writing. For more information, visit and (Grammar Girl).


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